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S A X O F O N I S T A   N O R T E Ñ O

A multi-disciplined musician, Salvador Flores also fluently performs in a style known as Norteño, a sub-genre of Mexican Regional Music. The bands that he performs with in this style typically follow the standard instrumentation of Voice, Accordion, Saxophone, Bajosexto, Bass Guitar, and Drumset. His performances have taken him to stages in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Joya de Luna (MX), New Orleans, and Chicago, to name a few.

Being of Mexican heritage meant that this was the genre of music he grew up with, constantly hearing it on the radio or at parties/get-togethers. Mexican culture holds the live performance of its music with high regard. You will often see parties hire a live gig band instead of solely hiring a DJ for the night. Salvador began taking on these gigging opportunities two years after picking up the saxophone. Every weekend, he played with many local gig bands for a variety of events, such as Weddings, Quinceañeras, and Clubs Events. 

Groups that Salvador has regularly performed with include El Predilecto, La Nueva Imagen, Conjunto Realidad, Grupo Arriero, and La Direxion Norteña. Notable bands/groups he has shared the stage with include Conjunto Azabache, Conjunto Rio Grande, and Kikin y Los Astros. One notable band he has performed with is La Firmeza Norteña, who has a large following and over three million total streams on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, among others. This group invited him to tour and perform with them during the 2019 Summer Season. They also hired Salvador to work as a Studio Musician to help finish a few albums they had in the works, one of which is entitled "Corridos Y Rancheras" and was released on October 25th, 2019 (Recorded at DLS Studios, based in Chicago, IL).

La Firmeza Norteña - "Carrera a Muerte"

Album: Corridos Y Rancheras

La Nueva Imagen - "El Besito"

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